Dawn Aumann

Dawn Aumann
Alaskan Artist
Living in Alaska fuels my creativity. The two things that influence me most as an Alaskan artist are the abundance of natural beauty to be found all around me and the vast fluctuation in the amount of light we have in summer versus winter. In the summer when the daylight seems endless I pack up my paints and head outdoors to paint en plein air the beautiful landscapes and wildflowers. I often begin the process with my camera. I capture images all over the state. When the short days come I use these in my studio.
I seem to crave color during those short days and cover my canvases with it. Acrylic paint is very versatile and I love to create texture within my artwork. I paint a wide variety of subjects and enjoy experimenting with different styles. There are always more ideas rolling around in my head and I’m always excited about the next painting I’m going to do.